This Japa Mala will assist you with:
- Spontaneity
- Lucky charm
- Self-confidence
- New beginnings


This Japa Mala is made with:
⤐ Hand knotted Japa Mala
⤐ White lava beads, 8mm
⤐ Moss agate beads, 8mm
⤐ Faceted agate beads, 4mm
⤐ Gold filled bead, 10mm
⤐ Gold filled spacers
⤐ Gold silk tassel
⤐ This Japa mala is 20.5 inches, below the chest


☽. Your purchase will include a card detailing the healing properties for this Mala along with a Mala bag, perfect for giving as a gift.  We sage all malas and bracelets to cleanse the energy before shipping them out.


For the heart, mind and soul


108,00C$ Prix original
75,60C$Prix soldé
  • MOSS AGATE will get rid of the stresses of your lifestyle or the pressures of society. It will show you that you are the only one in charge of your life, and that you should do yourself a favor and live your life the way you want. This crystal’s energies will inspire hope and trust and it will make you feel confident. Moss Agate’s energies will pave the way for the improvement in your physical health and your overall well-being. It will also help you achieve spiritual understanding and better appreciation for everything you have in your life. And at last, the grounding influence of this crystal will help you maintain your connection to the earth. 


    LAVA stones will bring strength and courage to whoever is wearing it. It reduces anger and negativity from your life, while also increasing your energy, assertiveness, and protection. Lava stones introduce grounding qualities into your life which help calm your emotions. It’s an intense energy, but a calming one.


    GOLD bring wealth, happiness, stress relief,  and good feelings. It is also a mineral of spirituality, understanding, and attunement to nature. It attracts positive energy and is said to be a great healing mineral.

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