Find the perfect gift for others can be challenging, so here is the perfect solution: let them choose what makes their soul shine.

Now you can give with intentions, love and surely peace of mind.


  • Write your love message in the appropriate box.

    At check out, enter you friend's address for it to be delivered at her/his place, so she/he can receive, like in the past, some love by mail. You can also put your adress and give it to her/him yourself. In both cases, it will be in a beautiful little packaging.

    Each gift card have a personalized coupon code to be redeemed at check out.


    Don't wait until last minute!

    Expect a 3 to 8 days delay for your friend to receive it, depending on the destination country and the period of the year, as postal service can be slowed down by holidays. If you wish for it to be faster, choose the express shipping.

  • If you prefer the virtual way, we can ajust!

    Write us a note at check out in "Add note to seller": precise that you prefer to send it by email and add your email, so we can send you a PDF that you can print or transfer to the receiver. As we fill it personnaly and create a personalized coupon code, allow us 24 hours to complete it. With your PDF, you will also receive a total refund of your shipping fees.

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