This bracelet will assist you with:
- Conjugal happiness
- Tenderness
- Calm
- Insomnia
- Open to change and new ideas

This bracelet is made with:
⤐ Moonstone beads, 8mm
⤐ Fossil beads, 8mm
⤐ Floral howlite beads, 8mm
⤐ Sterling silver .925 beads, 4mm
⤐ Buddhist charm

☽. We sage all malas and bracelets to cleanse the energy before shipping them out.




☮ Peace ♡ Love ☽ Light


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    Moonstone have curative properties for feminine health troubles (menopause unpleasantness, infertility, menstrual pain...) and promotes erotism and conjugal happiness. It increases intuition, quality essentially feminine, gentleness, tenderness and developps tolerance. It is been said to promote the full blossoming of maternal love and to soften people with too severe temper. The moonstone brings happiness and luck and is thus an asset for travellers.

    Fossil stone is made of pieces of broken shell that have rested in a bed of mud for millennia. It transformed over time into a stone that echoes primitive life. Wearing fossil is wearing a piece of ancient history. Fossils can help increase