This ring will assist you with:
- Resistance
- Persistence
- Supportive during stressful situations or grief.
- Power
- Confidence
- Calm
- Self-esteem

This ring is made with:
⤐ Sterling silver .925 ring
⤐ Onyx stone
⤐ Size offered 6 and 7

☽. We sage all malas and bracelets to cleanse the energy before shipping them out.



☮ Peace ♡ Love ☽ Light


36,00C$ Prix original
25,20C$Prix soldé
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    Onyx is associated primarily with the root chakra and is a stone of resistance and persistence. It is very supportive during stressful situations and grief. It helps manage complete task with focus, will power, confidence and discipline. It prevents the draining away of personal energy, helps with grounding, controlling and eliminating excess or unwanted energy, and can be used for protection. It is good for self-contol, inner strength, objectivity and making intelligent decisions. It can assist you to regain feeling of happiness and to bring good fortune into your life.

    Like the moon and water, Silver is reflective and used to mirror the soul bringing people calm and balance. help into manifestation of wealth and health. Improves quality of speech, reflects away negativity and brings the wearer self-esteem.


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  • Our jewelry, if you wear them often, are a great tool to remind yourself daily of your intentions and to benefit of the semi-precious gemstones vibes. But malas are precious, delicate. You have to treat them with care and respect. Store them carefully and take them out when you shower, sleep or when you do an intense workout. We suggest you keep your mala or bracelet at the foot of your yoga mat for it to soak up the energy of your yoga practice.

    Semi-precious gemstones emit energies but also store them. Thus, it is important to recharge your mala if you are going through tough or stressful times, or if you are surrounded by negative energies. Let your mala sit all night under full moon light or burn white sage over it to purify it, then, recharge it with a new intention. You can also, at this step, let them sit under the sun for a couple hours.

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